Opportunity not Obstacle

Opportunity not Obstacle!
I wonder what around us would change if we changed our mind. I wonder what would change if we decided to stop viewing things that occur, things that around us, challenges, etc…as obstacles and started seeing them as opportunity. If something happens that we didnt expect that throws us a little off our day…if we would take a breath and look for an opportunity to be thankful, an opportunity to love, an opportunity to bless someone, an opportunity to worship…what would happen? What would that change? How much of our atmosphere would be changed? Jesus didnt view things that happened as obstacles it appeared as though He saw them as opportunities to display the Love of God in whatever capacity that situation afforded. What if this year we decided to do the same? What if we lived in opportunity not Obstacle? What if we didnt view e every situation as how thos affects me but how can I be effective? What if we live in the goodness and awe and wonder of God this year? Showing goodness and love the way Jesus would! What if 2020 perfect vision for this year looked like looking at things from the feet of Jesus and seeing things through the filter of Gods word, Gods love, Gods perspective…so with that each day is an opportunity not an obstacle each thing that could be an inconvenience or annoyance we look at it from the feet of Jesus? From there we see the opportunities that it affords us to not be affected but to be effective? I say we try it!
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