Feel Something Rising

Sing this…say this…declare this…and feel something rising within you. Something stronger than you have ever felt.

“Fear must’ve thought I was faithless when it came for my heart” Oh- how the enemy likes to lie to us, challenge us, provoke fear and anxiety within us…but you are not faithless…fear was wrong the enemy is wrong because you are not faithless you are faithful. You have built your house on a strong foundation…one of faith not fear! Fear made a mistake when it came for your heart today!

‘Cause I got a song that will never die
I know Your love is the reason why” Your song will never die, cant and wont! Do you know why??? Because love and love never fails…because He loves you…Jesus loves you. He calls you worthy, loved, and beautiful. You have a song to sing one of love and passion. It will never die.

I’ll sing the night into the morning
I’ll sing the fear into Your praise
I’ll sing my soul into Your presence
Whenever I say Your Name
Let the devil know not today”- Sing in the night…sing because morning is coming-dont be overcome with the darkness sing His beautiful name…all you have to do is say His name…there is power in His name. Say it and feel the darkness fade and morning dawn. Sing fear into praise Child of God, you are a child of The One True God, turn your fear into praise, remind fear of your faithful heart built on The Only solid foundation…no fear and only praise because The One Who loves you will never die…and Whose love will never die. Sing your soul into His beautiful presence, sing to Him the song of your soul. Sing to Him praise and Thanksgiving to open up the Heavens and feel His love and light shining on you! Lift your hands, feel your soul opening up to His presence. Child He longs for you to feel His presence! Whenever you say His name, night turns to day, fear disappears, His presence shines…sounds simple..because it is! His name is power…Just His name…can do all of this…and more…say His name..whisper it, speak it, scream it…feel it in your soul…call out to Him. If you have no other words, if you dont know what to pray…say His name-it brings beauty, wholeness, love, joy, relief…at just the mention of it. It reminds the devil “not today” you are speaking His name Jesus…and the enemy has been defeated…nothing stands against it…because Jesus stands for you!

Tell me did the enemy panic
As You took up that cross
Tell me did the darkness cry mercy
As You rolled back that rock” Can you imagine with me…Jesus picking up the cross…oh my what a beautiful and humbling thought. Jesus taking up His cross, that He took for Us! It really never was His, He didnt mess up we did…but tell me what the enemy must have thought, the fear that surged through him when Jesus willingly took up the cross because the enemy knew that He couldn’t overpower Jesus and the cross and if Gods children EVER got ahold of what the cross really meant that He wouldnt be able to keep them shackled and bound for one more second!!! The cross meant forgiveness…but it also meant freedom and restoration…it meant we were seen as valuable and worthy…and well the moment we see and believe that we strip the enemy of all of his devices…the devil gets no power. Anything he has power over is something weve given him power over…but Jesus picking up the cross striped it…can you imagine the devil shaking as the power of Jesus name and the cross is rising up in you my child…(I write my and It should just said child I think God wants you to hear MY CHILD) I wonder if the darkness thought that they still had a chance until the rock was rolled back…but when the rock was rolled back did the darkness start shaking and begging for mercy because what Jesus said He would do He did! They were defeated…He rose…darkness couldn’t stand…He isn’t here…darkness He is alive which means we will live…which means we wont die. Darkness…devil…you were defeated. It brings me joy to know that the darkness was probably crying mercy…please mercy…think about that…we have power over darkness and darkness knew it in that moment…Child of God feel something rising in you. Know you have been given so much…life, love, joy, freedom, light…you are spectacular and loved!!! You have the power to make darkness cry mercy child of God.

Cause I know Your life is the life in mine I know Your love is the reason why”- Child of God- your life is in Jesus, His life is in you and it’s because of Love…not obligations, not money, not works…just love…He loves you…love Him back and experience all that He has for you…all the life and love that He has for you…Say His name…Feel His power rising up inside you Child!!! He is rising in you!

Your love stood down death
Crushed the devil’s head Fear is just a liar Running out of breath The fight beneath Your feet I’m standing on Jesus’ Name So let the devil know not today Let the devil know not today No no Not now not ever again Jesus
Let the devil know not today, not today, not today” Read that…think about that…your love stared down death…the lyrics I copied says stood…but I like stared maybe the lyrics are wrong that I printed…I’m not sure but what I do know is that Jesus stared down death and stood against death and defeated it. He crushed the devils head and Child you have recieved the power to do the same…stop letting fear run rampant. Fear is a product of the enemy and produces death…stand on the solid foundation of Christ and trust in His Holy good work. My dear…fear is a liar running out of breath…it is losing its grip…it has no power Jesus defeated the devil…he defeated fear. And because of that you do not have to fear. You weren’t given a spirit of fear My Child..stand strong on the devils neck today and remind him who you are and how powerless he is. Your identify is found in Christ, Jesus is your foundation! You have power! You have strength…tell the devil that Jesus defeated him and in doing so gave you the power to do the same…Oh My Child feel that power rising up from your belly! Say His name and watch the enemy flee…turn darkness into day…fear into praise!!!

Feel that rising in your spirit as you continue to take your place in the army of the Heavens…defeating darkness and the enemy…proclaiming victory and freedom for all of those that are bound by fear of the enemy and not seeing how love defeated it all giving them the opportunity to live in freedom and joy!

Rise up…

New Year Reset

It’s time to take control of your health. It’s time to get your body back in line. Its time to get back on track…you may have started and stopped before but not this time! This time you have the best nutrition, the best support, the best taste…the time has never been better!!! Start the new year off right! Get your body and your energy back. Take control of your health…if any of that sounds like something you need…let me know today! #fitness #transformation #health #goals #lifestyle #nutrition #goals #twentytwenty #musclesandmercy #weight #weightloss #journey #january #wednesday #gym #betterforyafoods #food #good #newyearnewyou #yesyoucan #newyearsday #nutrify #healthy #chattanooga #today #motivation #help #weightlossjourney #beforeandafter #results #nothingtolose


For the most part we all have a car, if we dont we know someone who has or does! These things do so much! They go hundreds and hundreds of miles in the cold, the heat, rain, snow, and ice. We drive them fast we drive them slow, we drive them in less than perfect shape. We put lots of miles on them. We expect alot from them. In return we give them gas, we change the oil, we get the tires rotated, we give them a bath, we do all of this to keep them running so we are able to go to work and make money, so that we are able to go and do fun things, so we can take our kids places…we do alot yo keep them going. Let me ask you something???? How important is your body, your health? How important is that you are taking care of that and giving it what it needs to take you where you want to go? Are you giving it what it needs to perform at the level you are pushing it to? We are ALL pushing our bodies these days…demanding so much from them and giving them so little in return. You keep your care running so you can do things-why does our bodies not deserve the same…the car can and will eventually be replaced…until you reach Heaven your body will not! Our bodies are rubbing on the thick, stinky, gross, gritty oil that you would never intentionally let run through the motor of you car and its passing through your body all day everyday! You, I, We…we expect and push our bodies SOOOOOOO far…and they can and WILL “perform” at the level we need and expect but not with poor nutrition. I am not just talking about food…I am talking about what your body needs to heal itself and to work the way God intended….think on it and let me know why you arent or let me know when your ready to see what your body can do! Do you know why you keep your car running and try to prevent breakdowns…beacuse maintenance is cheaper…your body is not any different…it will cost you more when it breaks down you will pay for it one way or another…fuel your body! Let me help you, help yourself! Ask me how I started feeling better than I ever have in my life! 🙂 #performance #health #heal #selfcare #maintenance #doitwithme #tuesday #careforyourbody #nutrition #change #yesplease #fuel

Working on Fit Me: What I wish someone had told me a year ago!

What I wish someone would have told me sooner:
👉Your health is an investment
👉You will pay for your health one way or another
👉Progress is progress take your time and dont compare yourself to others
👉Eating less and working out more does not do your body any favors 👉The first thing you have to change is your mind❤ 👉Nutrition changes everything 👉You have choices for your health and body
👉No one can do it for you
👉You can have energy, feel great, not be hungry, and look great 👉Its easier and more affordable than you think 👉Its not just another diet
👉You may have started before and quit…not this time ❤
Kick the bad habits, kick the old mindsets…the first thing you have to change is your mind. You can have energy and food! You can have energy and not have crashes, cravings, or empty calories. I don’t even recognize the tired and unfit lady anymore. I hated it… and worked super hard to change it…but I wish I knew then what I know now…I didn’t but I do now and you need to know too! Ask me how you can change your life today! #fitness #transformation #goals #chattanoogatn #changeyourmind #weightloss #health #goodfood #gym #motivation #workout #food #feedthebeast #feedyourbody #energy #fuel #christmas2019 #giftguide #otter #ottertank #funtanks #veganpower

Opportunity not Obstacle

Opportunity not Obstacle!
I wonder what around us would change if we changed our mind. I wonder what would change if we decided to stop viewing things that occur, things that around us, challenges, etc…as obstacles and started seeing them as opportunity. If something happens that we didnt expect that throws us a little off our day…if we would take a breath and look for an opportunity to be thankful, an opportunity to love, an opportunity to bless someone, an opportunity to worship…what would happen? What would that change? How much of our atmosphere would be changed? Jesus didnt view things that happened as obstacles it appeared as though He saw them as opportunities to display the Love of God in whatever capacity that situation afforded. What if this year we decided to do the same? What if we lived in opportunity not Obstacle? What if we didnt view e every situation as how thos affects me but how can I be effective? What if we live in the goodness and awe and wonder of God this year? Showing goodness and love the way Jesus would! What if 2020 perfect vision for this year looked like looking at things from the feet of Jesus and seeing things through the filter of Gods word, Gods love, Gods perspective…so with that each day is an opportunity not an obstacle each thing that could be an inconvenience or annoyance we look at it from the feet of Jesus? From there we see the opportunities that it affords us to not be affected but to be effective? I say we try it!
#effective #twentytwenty #newyear #vision #challenge #chattanooga #whynot #JesusisKing #motivation #wednesday #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdayvibes #perfectvision #feetofJesus #love #opportunities #opportunity #obstacle #newday #mirrorJesus #lovelikeJesus #moments #word #affected #infected #faith #Christian #bible #Godsword #followers